Killer Ab Workout – The Front Squat, Yes Or No

by admin on November 15, 2011

What Is A Front Squat? Is It Really A Killer Ab Workout?

The front squat is a variation of the regular squat where you hold your barbell in front of you, on your shoulders. Many people know about regular squats and machine squats on the Smith machine, but few are doing this killer ab workout -front squats.

You are not just targeting your quads and back. You’re targeting your abs. The truth is that everybody is doing the regular squat because it’s easier to do, but you’re in the gym to lose weight and/or gain muscle.

So why not do the extra workout on your abs with the just slightly variation of the regular squat.

The Technique To Perform The Front Squat:

You are resting your bar at the collar bone area, and then cross your arms. You should pay attention that your elbows are elevated trough the exercise. Don’t lower your elbows when you are performing! It takes some time to get used to have a bar at your neck. However, when you do, you’ll never do a regular squat again. I have to suggest that you use a towel, and wrap it around the bar if you are feeling strange performing. You’ll see that after some time you’ll be able to walk around with that barbell on your neck.

Why You Should Do Front Squats?

    • It’s targeting your quads, back and ABS.
    • It’s much effective than the regular squat.
    • You don’t have to isolate abs.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Front Squats?

    • It’s not that easy as the regular squat.
    • It takes some time to get used to it.

Conclusion: Killer Ab Workout

I would always recommend the front squat over the regular squat! However, if you’re new to the gym, you should conquer the regular squat first…